Infant Program

  • The Nido

    The Nido (Italian for "nest"), often used by babies whose parents work all day, accommodates no more than nine children from two months to fourteen months of age with an adult-to-child ratio of one to three.
    It is equipped with customized stands, stairs, and bars that the babies use for pulling-up exercises. The sleeping area is isolated and quiet, with individual mats for each child. The eating area is equipped with child-sized tables and chairs instead of high chairs. The physical care area is located next to a water source. From birth, babies are marvelous learners, immediately investigating the sights, sounds, and feel of the world. In our classrooms, each child develops a sense of being a separate, independent self, which comes from being treated as an important individual.
  • Environment and the Curriculum

    Our Montessori curriculum provides infants with a safe, rich world full of opportunities for active exploration and enjoyment through hearing, feeling, touching, and moving. Their world at Radiance is filled with responsive interactions and language: many conversations with others, books (for even the youngest babies), songs, and lots of listening and responding to their vocalizations.

  • Program

    Our program is designed for comprehensive individual development at the child’s natural pace. Caring and learning are inseparable. Primary caregivers provide “on demand” care in an environment that maximizes mobility. A baby who feels safe also feels free to grow, move, and explore the surroundings. This provides an optimal opportunity to engage emerging physical, sensorial, perceptual, cognitive, and social skills.