About Us

Montessori methods transforms lives

Radiance Montessori provides a carefully structured, warmly inviting and stimulating environment. Our teachers follow children’s individual learning ability, drive to achieve academic excellence and encourage a positive attitude towards learning. Students are nurtured to become life-long learners.

Our Classrooms

Our classroom is a teacher itself

When Maria Montessori began to develop her methods, she made drastic changed to the traditional schooling methods. Tables and chairs were shrunk to child-size, children were given real tasks to do, and observation (not testing) became the key to knowing how a child was progressing.She also made emphasis on the classroom environment also. She stated that the classroom itself should be another teacher to the child.

In our Class you will find

A loving, nurturing environment where our students will be fully immersed in education through play, music and arts.

Highest quality Montessori learning material that are particularly designed to develop children's curiosity for learning

Education through all five senses where the class room itself acts as a teacher and environment that caters for individual requirements.

A happy child who is challenged and intrinsically motivated.

Why Choose Us?

Environment for your child

Radiance Montessori provids an educational experience rooted in the full and authentic Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy

Rich and dynamic hands-on experiences

Individulized instructions and progression for each child

Montessori certified teachers

Innovative, home like class room environments

Warm and nurturing environment

Children are given the opportunity to be independent learners

Individualized attention and work plans created for each child

children are treated with respect, and teachers model kind and respectful words

Traditional Education vs Montessori Method

Traditional Education Montessori Education
Children grouped chronologically, one age group per class Age span of three years in a class
Heavy emphasis on grades and marks Self-development as prime motivation
Much information dispensed by teacher and lecture Children learn by direct contact with content, e.g., mathematics models, sensory materials, maps, etc.
Teacher corrects student errors Materials are self-correcting
Class, as a group, studies one subject at a time Children study various subjects individually or in small groups in various parts of the classroom
Schedule of classes lasting 45 to 50 minutes each Child follows their “inner teacher”; they are allowed long blocks of time for concentration and work completion
Relatively frequent interruptions: bells, teacher interruptions Relatively few interruptions allowing for sustained study and concentration
Class seated at desks much of the time Students work at tables, or on the floor, with freedom of movement

Our Programs

  • Discovery Lane / Explorer Street
    Toddler from 1 to 3 Years

    Toddler programs according to child's ability

  • 2.

    Imaginary Way
    Primary class 3 - 5 Years

    Standard Primary program.

  • 3.

    Extra Mile
    Afterschool 5+ Years

    Aferschool care program

Our Philosophy

Montessori Method of Earlychildhood Education

The School uses the philosophy and teaching materials of the Montessori method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952).

  • Montessori method provides education through all five senses and provides each child an environment that caters for individual requirements.

  • Children are allowed to choose their own activities from various developmental appropriated educational materials.

  • Student’s work is a process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation self-discipline and love of learning.

  • The entire classroom is setup as the third teacher and children learn through the environment.

  • The environment allows exposure to materials and experiences that develop intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities